Open Source Python Introduction


These sessions have been written especially for the Second Irish OSGeo Symposium 2018.

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  • Setup a working Linux environment based on OSGeo that can be used after the workshop
  • Learn how to write and run Python scripts in this environment
  • Find out what popular open source geospatial libraries are available and their possible use cases
  • Run, modify, and review a set of Python scripts using these libraries that can be adapted to use after the workshop
  • An introduction to Jupyter notebooks, how to use and write them, and provide links for continued geospatial Python learning

Workshop Outline

3 hours

The workshop will be split into 45 minute sections, with a further rough breakdown as follows:

  • 15 minutes of overview / demonstration
  • 15 minutes to run the scripts locally and experiment with modifications
  • 15 minutes debrief and questions and answers


OSGeoLive and Python Introduction

  • OSGeoLive setup
  • An introduction to pip the Python package manager
  • Run Python from the commandline
  • Install IDLE



  • Run a script
  • Reproject coordinates from an OpenData source



  • Connect to various Irish WMS and WFS servers
  • Create a map from data using WMS


Jupyter and OSGeoLive

  • Introduction to Jupyter notebooks
  • Brief introduction to Shapely, Fiona
  • Setup for learning more about these libraries